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Network of expertise on animal influenza

OIE - World Organization for Animal HealthFAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Minutes of the OFFLU Steering Committee Meetings

Meeting (teleconference) of OFFLU Steering Committee at OIE Headquarters, Paris, 3rd April 2008


Members of the Steering Committee: Steve Edwards (Chairman), Christianne Bruschke, Cristobal Zepeda and Juan Lubroth
Others: Keith Hamilton, Gwenaelle Dauphin and Margarita Riela

The minutes of the OFFLU Steering Committee of October 18th 2007 were agreed (Annex 1). All actions have been completed.

Minor amendments to the minutes of the OFFLU technical meeting of 5th March were accepted and the minutes were agreed (Annex 2).

Terms of reference for OFFLU Executive Committee and technical activities (Annex3)

It was agreed that good geographical representation should be encouraged by including observers from different regions in the Executive Committee. This should include Africa and Asia and should be restricted to one observer per region.

Action for members of the Steering Committee to submit suggestions for named observers to the OFFLU Secretariat.

OFFLU technical activities should not duplicate other activities or groups within FAO or OIE. To avoid duplication both OIE and FAO management must be consulted about proposed technical activities and the proposed activities and participants must be approved by the OFFLU Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee, OIE and FAO must be kept updated about OFFLU technical activities.

Careful consideration must be given to any involvement of commercial organisations in OFFLU technical activities. It was acknowledged that in certain circumstances such involvement could be beneficial, although it must not lead to any commercial bias in activity outputs or be commercially advantageous for them. When possible, preference should be given to involve umbrella organisations (e.g. IFAH, IFAP) instead of individual commercial companies or organisations.

Proposed OFFLU technical activities

Specific OFFLU technical activities, leaders and participants had been proposed by the Executive Committee at their meeting of 28th January and by experts at the OFFLU technical meeting of 5th March. The proposals were reviewed and agreed, with minor modifications to objectives and to membership.

Action for Cristobel Zepeda to provide some text summarising the proposed activities of the applied epidemiology group that he will lead.

Action for the OFFLU Secretariat to inform the proposed leaders and participants of the OFFLU technical activities that the proposals have been agreed by the Steering Committee and to request that leaders provide a provisional work plan.

OFFLU Website

The OFFLU website will retain the original www.offlu.net address, although some technical issues need to be resolved to achieve this. It will be launched before May 2008. Minor graphic changes will be made.

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