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Network of expertise on animal influenza

OIE - World Organization for Animal HealthFAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

H5N8 inventory

OFFLU guidance for H5N8 surveillance in wild birds (updated November 2016)

OFFLU wild bird group teleconference summary on H5N8 outbreaks (November 2016)

Diagnostic protocols:

Real time RT-PCR protocol - APHA, Weybridge, UK

Real time RT-PCR protocol for N8 - FLI, Germany

Reims influenza A typing array (RITA)

FAO documents

      FAO webinar on Intercontinental spread of H5N8 HPAI (24 November 2016)

      H5N8 situation updates

      EMPRES news on H5N8 (September 2016)

      FAO press release (November 2016)

      FAO bulletin on H5N8 (November 2016)

      Press release dated 14 November 2014

      Press release dated 24 November 2014

OIE documents

Articles and communications

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