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Network of expertise on animal influenza

OIE - World Organization for Animal HealthFAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

OFFLU Organisation

The Network consists of a Steering Committee, an Executive Committee,  Scientist(s), a Secretariat and specialist Working Groups.

OFFLU Steering Committee

        Ian Brown          (Chairman)    Gerrit Viljoen        (Member)
     Mia Torchetti         (Member)William B Karesh    (Member)


OFFLU Executive Committee

David Swayne (Chairman)

Nicola Lewis

Giovanni Cattoli

Jiming Chen

Gregorio Torres (OIE)

Cristian De Battisti (FAO)



OFFLU Secretariat

Gounalan Pavade (OIE)



OFFLU Scientist

Cristian De Battisti (FAO)

OFFLU-WHO focal point officer

Magdi Samaan (WHO)

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